make better technology investment decisions


briteflo helps private equity firms make better decisions when they fund companies with technology at their core

We operate globally to help you invest in technology with confidence. Here’s how we do it:

investment lifecycle


Technology expertise
pre-LOI insights

due diligence

Invest with confidence
Improve negotiation position
Clarify risk mitigation

value creation

Secure investment thesis returns
Ensure recommendation implementation

portfolio level

Identify synergies & redundancies
Ensure continuity

entity review

Strategic priority alignment
Technical strategy recommendations

exit optimisation

Value estimation
Buyer synergy and growth plan analysis


technical due diligence

Our technical due diligence reports help you truly understand the business value behind your investments, identify the risks and associated mitigation plans, and improve your negotiation position.

post-acquisition roadmap

We secure the realisation of the investment roadmap and generate rapid returns after acquisition by ensuring that the recommendations are addressed. We also deep dive into key findings and continue to provide advice on cutting-edge technology.

portfolio-level value creation

We accelerate value creation at portfolio-level by identifying synergies. We help materialize them by facilitating decision making on strategic technical domains through business and technical capability maps.


We help maximize returns by preparing for exit. We advise the team while defining robust technical blueprints supporting the next phase of growth. We help prepare the documentation for the exit.


technology is at the heart of value creation for all companies today

The creation of BRITEFLO comes from the realisation that the private equity sector needs a new kind of partner to support their activity: business advisors of the digital age with a genuine passion for technology, backed by strong analytical skills, finance and business acumen, independent from any technology provider.


vincent malarme

vincent malarme

business consulting

wouter denayer

wouter denayer

technology innovation

Our founder’s love for technology began in the early days of IT. Through their career at IBM, they gained experience in delivering value to clients in various industries, including finance, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, and consumer goods. They decided to start their own company to have more control over their work. They believed that their combined skills could have a significant impact in today’s business world, where technology is essential for innovation.

Vincent is an entrepreneurial leader and business consultant. He also led the integration of one of the first internet security companies acquired by IBM. Wouter, meanwhile, became a CTO, a prominent leader in the IT architect profession, and a member of the Academy of Technology. He holds several patents and is a thought leader on artificial intelligence.


We have worked with the largest sustainable private equity firm in europe, with a focus on the most innovative scale-ups in healthcare and genetics.
We have broad industry experience including finance, utilities, manufacturing, retail and consumer goods.

BRITEFLO consistently delivers the technical breadth and depth we need to invest with confidence.